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December 2016 Newsletter

Here is the official Newsletter for December, 2016. You can also download this Newsletter as a PDF by clicking HERE


December, 2016


Goodbye 2016!


My Iron Maiden book is out now. It’s my final book of 2016 following on books on the Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer & Anthrax), Ace Frehley, Judas Priest and Bon Jovi; all of which can be viewed HERE


Iron Maiden Collection Final Front Cover







ISBN-13: 978-1540515803

ISBN-10: 154051580X


A Compilation Of Writings On The Great Beast


Iron Maiden’s influence on generations of rock and metal bands cannot be overstated. To name just a small selection, Maiden has influenced the following bands: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Annihilator and younger bands such as Slipknot, Fozzy, Avenged Sevenfold, In Flames and Trivium. It is obvious from said list of bands alone that Maiden’s legacy is assured for quite some time.

Celebrated rock author Neil Daniels offers a collection of his writings on the band chronicling their entire history. This book is a reference tool for die-hard fans with tour dates, setlists, discographies, reviews, interviews and much more. There are contributions from some of the world’s top metal writers as well as ex Iron Maiden members and former personnel. This is not a biography but a headbanging guide to the band’s incredible career and legendary status in heavy metal as the genre’s leading band.

Iron Maiden – Playing With Madness: A Collection Of Writings On The Beast collects a decade’s worth of writings on the great beast known as Iron Maiden. It is a book on metal for metal fans.



6” x 9” (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper, Gloss cover
292 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-1540515803
ISBN-10: 154051580X


I have also released a 370 page collection of reviews and interviews called Heavy Metal Madness – Reviews & Interviews With Metal Bands, which can be found in ‘Collected Works’. Go HERE


There’ll be lots more books to come in 2017!


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That’s it for now folks.


Up the irons metalheads!


Neil Daniels
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