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October 2016 Newsletter

Here is the official Newsletter for October, 2016. You can also download this Newsletter as a PDF by clicking HERE


October, 2016


My Ace Frehley book is out now. Go to the following link to view the other books in the series HERE


Ace Frehley Front Book Cover


The updated hardback edition of my illustrated Iron Maiden book is out now. View it HERE


Iron Maiden Updated Final Front Cover


My next book is on Judas Priest; due before Xmas.


Judas Priest Scrapbook Final Front Cover


My Matthew McConaughey biog is out now in Hungarian. Visit Foreign Editions for more info HERE


Check out Richie Unterburger's book on Fleetwood Mac which features my reviews as well as Martin Popoff, Zoe Howe et al. Go HERE


Here's a recent email from a reader:

Hi Neil
Recently I have read your book Iron Maiden: The Ultimate unauthorized Biography. A great and well made book, I really enjoyed reading it.
I found a little mistake in the tour date section of 1990. In fall 1990 the band annonced a show in Bern, Festhalle (Switzerland) on 24th November 1990. The show was sold out within a couple of days (I had a ticket for it), so a second shows was added soon. This show took place on the 17th November 1990 also in Bern, Festhalle. I'm sure because I saw promotion for this show and some friends went to that show. During the show on 23rd November 1990 in Saarbrücken (Germany) Bruce got in trouble with his voice. Unfortunately the next scheduled show in Bern on 24th November got canceled in short term. Needless to say that I was very disappointed about that. Luckily the band came back to the same place almost one year later on 9th September 1991, with a slightly different setlist including „The Prisoner“ :-)
Kind regards,
Martin Berger


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