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September 2015 Newsletter

Here is the official Newsletter for September 2015. You can also download this Newsletter as a PDF by clicking HERE


September, 2015


Canadian author Brent Jensen (author of No Sleep ‘Til Sudbury) has thanked me in the acknowledgements page of his latest work, All My Favourite People Are Broken. Good luck with the book Brent!


Here’s a nice email about my UFO biog from fellow rock scribe Scott Alisoglu:

Hello again Neil! I just finished your UFO book (devoured it actually) and thoroughly enjoyed it...great primer for new and old fans alike. While I've always been a fan, I've taken the full obsessive plunge this past several months and am now going through every nook and cranny of the catalog and filling the numerous holes in my collection (and your book supplemented that effort nicely).

Nice to see your use of my quotes from the Parker interview I did a few years back...especially since I don't do a lot of writing these days, BUT I'm actually interviewing Andy again tomorrow...combined with an emaile interview I did with Vinnie I'll be putting something together for

Really just wanted to say hello and say nice work with the book.


Scott Alisoglu


Thanks to the Bailey Bailey of Rock United for their positive review of my Paul Stanley book.

The full review is HERE

Here’s a quote:

“Stanley comes out as someone who really looks after the artiste he worked with on the writing and recording sessions, so even if you know the Kiss history stick with this because it’s like a good horse, it knows when to canter and went to sprint to the finish line. Paul Stanley is a rock icon and this book is a fitting account of the solo artiste behind the Kiss mask.”

Bailey Brothers – Rock United (


October 1 sees the publication of my biography of director J.J. Abrams and an updated edition of my biography of pop punk band You Me At Six.


Check out my selection of music books that I have read recently HERE


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Neil Daniels

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