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July 2015 Newsletter

Here is the official Newsletter for July 2015. You can also download this Newsletter as a PDF by clicking HERE


July, 2015


Here’s the lowdown on my latest book...


5SOS Final Front Cover







ISBN-13: 978-1514361863

ISBN-10: 1514361868


A Fan’s Fact File


It seemed as if Sydney’s 5 Seconds Of Summer came from out of nowhere. 5SOS have only released one studio album, a live album and a few EPs yet they have nine million Facebook likes, a huge social media following and a largely female fanbase. 5SOS have a devoted fanbase that follows their every move online via the band’s regular social media posts. Their success is a matter of timing, luck, perseverance and the good fortune of having One Direction as one of their biggest fans. Their songs are pretty catchy too.

However, having toured with One Direction on multiple occasions and being so young has meant that they have been labelled a “boy band” which is not the case. They play their own instruments and write their own songs. 5SOS certainly have more in common with pop punk bands than they do with One Direction. Their musical heroes are bands like Green Day, Good Charlotte, All Time Low and Nirvana.

This book charts 5 Seconds Of Summer’s rapid rise to success, details their musical influences and offers a handy reference guide to the band’s main achievements.

Pop Punk From Down Under is essential reading for 5 Seconds Of Summer fans.



5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper, Gloss cover
254 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1514361863
ISBN-10: 1514361868


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And in other news....


Here are my upcoming books – keep checking back for information:

Live To Win – A Casual Guide To The Music Of KISS Frontman Paul Stanley (Createspace; September 1, 2015)

J.J. Abrams – A Study In Genius: The Unofficial Biography (John Blake; October 1, 2015)

You Me At Six (Revised & Updated) (Music Press Books; October 1, 2015)


Also, Killers – The Origins Of Iron Maiden: 1975-1983 is now available on Amazon Kindle HERE


My ZZ Top book has finally been published in the Czech Republic. Details can be found HERE


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