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August 2014 Newsletter

Here is the official Newsletter for August 2014.

You can also download this Newsletter as a PDF by clicking HERE


August, 2014

The next book in my 'A Casual Guide...' series is out now. Here's the details:








ISBN-13: 978-1499387742

A Casual Guide To The Music Of Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams is one of the most successful Canadian singer-songwriters of all time. He rose to fame with his third album, 1983's Cuts Like A Knife, before the release of his global breakthrough opus Reckless, which Adams celebrated in 2014 with the sold out 30th Anniversary Reckless Tour. His best known song remains '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You' which was the lead song for the 1991 hit movie Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves. It also happens to be one of the best-selling singles in popular music history.

This book is about the music, from his self-titled debut album right up to recent studio releases, Room Service and 11.

From the author of the acclaimed Don't Stop Believin' – The Untold Story Of Journey and Electric World – A Casual Guide To The Music Of Journey's Neal Schon, Reckless is the first book to exclusively explore the music of one of popular music's great unsung heroes and Canada's most famous rock export. The book explores his musical legacy and offers titbits of information and trivia about his various non-music projects but mostly this handy fans book is about the music of Bryan Adams.

Reckless is essential reading for Bryan Adams fans.


6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on Cream paper
294 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1499387742
ISBN-10: 1499387741

In other book news, the usual slew of reviews have been coming in, and they're pretty good ones too!

Here's what the press say about my Iron Maiden book:

"There is no one writing today with more knowledge and insight about Iron Maiden, a band that continues to tour and record to this day. The information here was painstakingly gathered, then all that research was parsed and evaluated by Daniels in creating this virtual touchstone of all things Maiden."
Steven Rosen – Curled Up With A Good Book (

"Rare pictures, insightful interviews and an in depth discography and tour dates sections will appeal to fans of the band but the book itself will appeal to most readers who enjoy rock music."
Nikk Gunns – Get Ready To Rock (

On my UFO book:

"High Stakes & Dangerous Men is a prescribed reading for every UFO fan – but what is more, it's a prescribed reading for every rock fan as well."
Alexandra Mrozowska – Hardrock Heaven (

On my ZZ Top book:

"Neil Daniels' Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers: A ZZ Top Guide should make it to the bookshelf of every rock listener – ZZ Top fans in particular, but not only. The book is a coherent, comprehensive source of information on all things ZZ Top..."
Alexandra Mrozowska – Hardrock House (

On my Slippery When Wet book:

"...the band have never really said much about it. If they had, then Neil Daniels, who has also written a BJ encyclopaedia would certainly have found it."
Hugh Fielder – Classic Rock

"Written in an easy to read format, the early history of the band is told with the ingredients coming into place for their third big album; those ingredients being the onboarding of co-writer Desmond Child (on the suggestion of Paul Stanley) and producer Bruce Fairbairn, plus the learnings from the first two albums...One for a holiday read."
Rob McKenzie – Fireworks

I've written sleeve notes for the following BGO reissues of Kenny Loggins' High Adventure / Vox Humana and Dixie Dregs' Dregs Of The Earth / Unsung Heroes / Industry Standard. These are due later in the year.

For more info on my sleeve notes, go HERE

And finally here's some news on my next commercial book:

Matthew McConaughey – The Biography by Neil Daniels will be published by John Blake Publishing, November 6, 2014. Pre-order the book from Amazon HERE

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Neil Daniels
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