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March 31, 2017: Speaking Of Books – Reviews & Interviews With Writers

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Neil Daniels' hefty collection of interviews with rock and metal writers, the two All Pens Blazing volumes and the Rock 'N' Roll Sinners trilogy, were critically acclaimed on their original publication and have since considered to be the bible for aspiring rock writers. In his latest collection of writers' interviews Daniels compiles some of his favourite interviews from said collections as well as the pop culture tome, In A Dark Room – Exploits Of A Genre Fan. This collections features such rock writing stalwarts as Mick Wall, Martin Popoff, Derek Oliver, Dave Reynolds, Tommy Udo and Gavin Baddeley as well as acclaimed authors Kim Newman, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Tuttle, Stephen Jones and John Clute. Speaking Of Books also includes dozens of book reviews. This collection is indispensable for the aspiring writer and book lover.



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