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AC/DC – The Early Years With Bon Scott


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Book Description:

(UK: Independent Music Press, 2013; 208 pages, PB. ISBN: 978-1906191245)

Often regarded as the greatest frontman in the history of rock music, Bon Scott tragically died on February 19, 1980 but his memory lives through the music he created with AC/DC. From 1975's Australian album High Voltage to 1980's Highway To Hell, Bon Scott and AC/DC were a global force to be reckoned with. AC/DC formed in 1973 but it wasn't until the latter half of 1974 that Scottish born singer Robert Belford Scott joined the fold. Scott would help take AC/DC to legendary heights of success. Although the band's success did not arrive quickly, they released a stream of stunning albums and were undoubtedly the most electrifying live rock band of the 1970s. Despite the latterday success of the band, the Bon Scott years of 1974 to 1980 are often regarded by many as the band's most fertile creative period. Those years spawned 1976's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, 1977's Let There Be Rock and 1978's Powerage, not forgetting the now legendary live album, If You Want Blood You've Got It from 1978. Exploring the two Australian albums, the five international studio albums as well as other releases featuring Bon Scott, this book AC/DC - The Early Years With Bon Scott is a fitting recognition of Bon Scott's legacy and a reminder of just how influential AC/DC's 1970s period remains. Charts the most creative period of the band's history from 1973 to Bon Scott's death in 1980. Includes a foreword from Uriah Heep's Mick Box. Bonus chapter on Back In Black: the first album with Brian Johnson. Extensively covers AC/DC's five international albums and two Australia-only releases with Bon Scott. Perfect as a fans book as well as a book for AC/DC beginners. Bon Scott was voted the greatest frontman of all time by Classic Rock magazine. The most successful Aussie band of all time. A movie about Bon Scott s life is currently in production.




"This book is a great read for any newcomer to the world of AC/DC, as the historical background is all there. For a means of learning how the band formed, the members who came and went, how Bon Scott came into the picture and the production of the albums, and songs, this is a great resource."

Jeb Wright – Classic Rock Revisited (


"Engaging, easy to read and authoritative, Neil Daniels' latest offering AC/DC- The Early Years With Bon Scott is essential reading for fans of the band. Having grown up watching a Brian Johnson fronted AC/DC and only hearing Scott on record, this book almost brings the band's earlier line-up to life and is a great insight into their rise to worldwide success."

Nikki Gunns – Get Ready To Rock (


"Writing through to the recruitment of Brian Johnson as the new singer, Daniels provides insights that demonstrate his research as well as his own love for the band, without allowing his own personal views to shine through too much in his writing. Even offering a 'bonus' chapter on the history of the band since the recruitment of Johnson (although given that it is just a chapter, it's brief), the book is not only a representation of the formation of one of rock and metals greatest bands, but also a historical text which will inform new fans, remind old fans, and satisfy those who simply wondered how things came to be."

Dave Nichols – Loud-Stuff (


"Daniels style is engaging and covers in excellent detail the first six years of the band. He traces the bands roots back to Scotland and follows the band from beginning to end of the Bon era, and a little bit more on the last 30 years. Each chapter covers a year and Daniels provides great detail on the various Australian vs. International pressings of the first few albums. It's very detailed and well researched."

Joshua Wood – Metal-Rules (


"From their humble beginning to super stardom the songs have a life story of their own and their journey is skilfully recaptured by the author Daniels...In capturing their early years Neil Daniels has shown that if you remain true to yourself and the music you believe in the fans will follow your journey to the end."

Bailey Brothers – Rock United (


"Daniels keeps the narrative moving along nicely with just the right level of detail and this is a book that can be easily digested in a couple of sittings, not unlike his take on the early years of Metallica that was published in 2012. A timeline of events, discography, truncated history of the Brian Johnson era and a foreword by Mick Box and afterword's by Bruce Kulick and Doro Pesch complete the story. Highly recommended and comes at an affordable price from Independent Music Press ("

Dean Pedley – Sea Of Tranquility (



"The narrative documents each album and tour, with quotes from old interviews and plenty of dates and stats."

Chris Roberts – Classic Rock


"This is a book you can't put down. It's nostalgic, engaging and Daniels balances out his obvious love of the band with just the right amount of hard-nosed journalism. In short a fantastic book, whether you're a fan or simply someone who would like to find out what all the fuss is about and one that should further enhance Daniels reputation as a journalist of note."

Mike Newdeck - Fireworks


"With a style both journalistic and affectionate, Daniels takes the reader through those turbulent and culturally thrilling years which have echoed down the years and continue to influence present artists. Nothing is left out, thanks to extensive interviews with key players in the AC/DC story as well as a wealth of others, including a foreword from Bruce Kulick and an afterword by Doro Pesch. The appendices are wonderful too, taking the form of an overview of the Brian Johnson years post-Bon Scott, a selected Discography and a fascinating timeline of relevant events. Frankly, if you have even a vague interest in AC/DC, you will find a great deal of entertainment and insight in these pages."

Andrew Hawnt – Powerplay


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