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Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Unauthorised History Of The Beast

 iron maiden final front cover

2012 Edition

Iron Maiden Updated Final Front Cover

2016 Edition

 Available now from Amazon following the link below:

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This book is also available in FOREIGN EDITIONS

Book Description:

(US: Voyageur Press, 2012; 224 pages, HB. ISBN: 978-0760342213)

(US: Voyageur Press, 2016; 240 pages, PB. ISBN:978-0760351673)

(UK: Jawbone Press, 2012; 224 pages, HB. ISBN: 978-1908279231)

Formed in east London in 1975, Iron Maiden went on to become one of the most successful rock acts in history. With more than 85 million album sales to their credit, the legendary metal band remains hugely popular worldwide: Their 2010 album, The Final Frontier, debuted at No. 1 in 30 countries and received unanimous critical praise. In this, the first complete illustrated treatment of Iron Maiden, a roster of respected heavy metal journalists including Ian Christe, Martin Popoff, Mick Wall, Daniel Bukszpan, and more relate the band's history, analyze their recordings, and provide a complete discography. The stories behind the band's formation, recordings, and tours are complemented with more than 400 images, including live performance and candid off-stage photographs, as well as memorabilia, gig posters, T-shirts, backstage passes, buttons, and tickets. Exclusive cover art was created by Derek Riggs, the man behind Iron Maiden's iconic mascot, Eddie.


2016 Updated Cover Text:


Few bands have as widespread global appeal as Iron Maiden. This up-to-date book showcases the band in all its beastly glory.

Formed in 1975 by a young, East London bass player named Steve Harris, Iron Maiden went on to become one of the most successful heavy metal acts in history. With an estimated 85 million albums sold worldwide, the band remains hugely popular.

Iron Maiden is the updated edition of the first-ever complete, illustrated retrospective of the band. Music journalist Neil Daniels relates the band's entire history and provides a complete, up-to-date discography, while respected heavy metal journalists and Iron Maiden experts, including Ian Christie, Martin Popoff, and Mick Wall, analyze the recordings. The stories behind the band's formation, roster changes, recordings through 2015's The Book Of Souls, and tours through 2016 are complemented with nearly 500 images, including live performance and candid off-stage photographs, and memorabilia, including handbills, gig posters, backstage passes, buttons, ticket stubs, and, of course, Eddie, Iron Maiden's iconic Derek Riggs-created mascot.

This new edition of Iron Maiden is required reading for any heavy metal fan. The book covers the compilation From Here To Eternity (2011); the CD/LP/DVD/Blu-ray release of En Vivo! (2012); the Maiden World Tour (2012-2014) to North America, Europe, and South America; The Book Of Souls album (2015); and the 2016 tour.




"In all, Daniels has crafted a very high-level and easy read with Iron Maiden – The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast, and top it all off, it's packaged expertly, prime for your coffee table, where Eddie's piercing eyes await."

David E. Gehlke – (


"If you're diehard Maiden fan, this book is essential, period. Iron Maiden – The Illustrated Unauthorized History Of The Beast, is the book that will take Neil Daniels from being merely known as just another established rock writer, and thrusts him into the upper echelons of greatness."

Ryan Sparks – Classic Rock Revisited (


"Neil Daniels fresh from his book on Metallica's early years now turns his attention to one of the [greatest] metal bands of all time, Iron Maiden. This is a lovely illustrated tome with live concert photos plus memorabilia including concert tickets, posters and backstage passes. Good, quality finish – this is no cheap cash in book... For a reasonably priced illustrated history to the band you can't go wrong and ideal for fans/collectors and the more casual metal reader."

Jason Ritchie – Get Ready To Rock (


"If you are a fan of Iron Maiden, then The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast is a must own book for your collection. If you are a casual fan wanting to learn more about Iron Maiden and their amazing history, then consider this your Bible. Anything that you ever wanted to know about Iron Maiden is all captured in permanent ink. From the well written scripture to the amazing photographs, to the awesome images of every Iron Maiden album and single cover, The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast is an Iron Maiden fan's dream come true."

Rye Vie – Hard Rock Hideout (


"This is definitely a must-own for any Maiden fan or any fan of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene. For metal-merch fanatics like me, it's like porn. I would do bad things for the Maiden baseball tee on page 81."

Craig Hlavaty – Houston Press (


"This 224-page book gives us one of the most detailed histories of one of heavy metal most iconic bands, Iron Maiden. Not only do you get the back-story to their success, but you also get over 450 color and black & white pictures of the band throughout their history."

J. Pasinski – JP's Music Blog (


"...the book is a good read and it simply looks great so I don't see any reason not buying this one."

Pim Blankenstein – Lords Of Metal (


"...when it comes to a combination of biographical information, great photos and useful information, Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast can't be topped."

Chad Bowar – Loudwire (


"When all is said and done, Daniels has truly supplied fans with an "ultimate" manual of Iron Maiden, granted a fair portion of the written material won't be "news" to the avid fan, but hopefully that won't stop anyone from buying a copy. Reading the book from cover to cover serves as an excellent romp through the band's history."

Scott Jeslis – Metal Express Radio (


"Therein, Iron Maiden: The Ultimate Unauthorized History Of The Beast comes off like a well-constructed fan book since the objectivity is countered by opinionated critique you can value for the superb writing or you can ho and hum your way past them while chanting 'to each their own' like a mantra. Daniels' book does carry a warm vibe to it, as if it should be nestled on your lap with Live After Death, Flight 666 or Visions Of The Beast whirling simultaneously on the tube."

Ray Van Horn, Jr. – The Metal Minute (


"Daniels gives equal time, energy and devotion to all eras of the band, it's nice to see the Blaze era get some respect and attention, despite a general sentiment among Maiden fans that it was a lower point in the bands career arc. As this is a new book it includes recent developments such as and the Final Frontier Tour and the retro tours. Daniels also includes some interesting sidebars such as a spotlight on Dickinson as a renaissance man and a mini-feature on Iron Maiden enduring and expanding global popularity."

Joshua Wood - Metal-Rules (


"If you're a Maiden fan that wants a nicely packaged look at the band's history, this is the book for you."

Gillian G. Gaar – Powerline Mag (


"Though the title might indicate a more through text, it's not inaccurate to label this hefty scrapbook an impressive historical survey. Jam packed with gorily full color images and dynamic layouts, this is a visual feast (as in, Eddie the demonic mascot feasting upon flesh and souls)... But bottom line, one of the most visually captivating bands ever deserves a visual document like this, and I can't imagine an "official" release topping this."

Blogger – Roctober Magazine Reviews (


"This is quite possibly the most definitive tome on these British godfathers to date...Leaving nothing to be desired, metallic-bashers of all makes will be quite hard-press to find anything more lovingly comprehensive on Maiden and their history."

Dylan Chadwick – SLUG Mag (


"The only way to read this book is to get the hulking great physical copy and if you love Iron Maiden then you really, really do need Neil [Daniels'] exhaustively researched and frankly rather beautifully presented book."

The Oracle – Total Music Magazine (



"At around £25, this is a respectfully written and eminently enjoyable biography that loses very little by not being officially endorsed. Neil Daniels' bibliography seems to be expanding at an alarming rate and this is probably his best work thus far, and certainly the most aesthetically pleasing."

Phil Ashcroft – Fireworks


"...what's most important here is the story that Neil weaves around the facts that he presents; his narrative is certainly entertaining and eminently readable, a delightful potted history that gives the reader a flavour of the band, their history and their music. Neil showers his take with lots of entertaining quotes and anecdotes, many of which are new to me, and shows a clear fascination for the subject."

Mark Hoaksey – Powerplay


"The book successfully brings together the graphic reproductions in a high-quality binding, heavy paper, and a die-cut cover that draws attention and scrutiny. The early years of the band are covered equally to the latter years, and with good detail, and an index is useful for access to text. Clearly this is a book for Maiden fans, but will appeal to metal fans in general."

Eric C. Shoaf – Vintage Guitar




(Facebook Message)

Hi Neil, thanks for adding me, I have your hardback book of Iron Maiden the Unauthorized History and thought it was excellent. I have just ordered your Killers book, so I cannot wait for that. What is your connection with the band if at all?

Rob King



Dear Neil,
I hope this email finds you well.
I have been enjoying your history of Iron Maiden especially as I am the drummer in an Iron Maiden tribute in the UK Noticed your book on You Me At Six for my Daughter, but Amazon is showing this is not available. Can I buy a copy from you directly at all please?
Many thanks

Elliott Porter


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