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Live To Win – A Casual Guide To The Music Of KISS Frontman Paul Stanley (Createspace Version)

Paul Stanley Final Front Cover 

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 Book Description:

(US: Createspace, 2015; 282 pages, PB. ISBN: 978-1508762140) 

As "Starchild", the frontman of the iconic American rock band KISS, Paul Stanley is undoubtedly one of rock music's greatest showmen. He has co-written some of the most successful rock songs of all time and some of rock's most enduring arena anthems such as 'Rock And Roll All Nite', 'Shout It Out Loud' and 'Detroit Rock City'. He was the driving force behind the band during some of their most difficult periods, notably in the 1980s. But there is more to Paul Stanley than KISS.

He has released two solo albums (1978's self-titled offering and 2006's Live To Win), performed in a theatrical production of Phantom Of The Opera, contributed to movie soundtracks, and committed himself to various musical and charitable causes. He is also an avid painter and has exhibited and sold his works.

From the author of books on Richie Sambora, Brian May, Neal Schon, Rob Halford, Joe Perry and Adam Lambert, Live To Win celebrates Stanley's musical legacy and gives nuggets of information and trivia about his career as well as a biography, discographies, a timeline, reviews and tributes from leading
musicians and respected music writers. There are also previously unseen live photographs of the American rock icon.

Live To Win is essential reading for KISS and Paul Stanley fans. 




“ entertaining literary presentation on the Starchild's solo endeavours and one that a lot of KISS fans, regardless of whether they are casual fans or of the hardcore variety, will devour in no time. I had fun reading it.”

Jens Nepper – Eternal Terror (


“Stanley comes out as someone who really looks after the artiste he worked with on the writing and recording sessions, so even if you know the Kiss history stick with this because it’s like a good horse, it knows when to canter and went to sprint to the finish line. Paul Stanley is a rock icon and this book is a fitting account of the solo artiste behind the Kiss mask.”

Bailey Brothers – Rock United (



“Proof that this enjoyable read will also help make you a Paul Stanley expert.”

Rob McKenzie – Fireworks


“Daniels’ books are always worth a read, tending to makes us turn pages regularly.”

Steve Swift – Powerplay


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