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Day At The Park

Something Wicked Issue 7 Cover

(Published in Something Wicked #7; FutureQuake, 2011)

My first - and so far only - foray into comics is Day At The Park, which was published in Something Wicked Issue 7. Here's the story:

There is nothing unusual about Albert taking his midday walk to the local park to feed the ducks. He'd had a nap, felt refreshed and took some pet feed with him as usual. The park was unusually quiet for the afternoon. Normally there are people walking their dogs, strolling around on their own or just passing through from one side to another. But Albert noticed he was the only person in the park. He looked around but there was nobody else there! When he got to the lake he opened the bag of pet feed and began throwing it at the ducks. Suddenly they came from everywhere, diving into each other to eat as much of the feed as possible. But then, once all the pet feed had been consumed, the ravenous ducks started to get feisty and quickly edged towards Albert. They surrounded him and started pecking at him. The final page are shots of Albert. Dead. With all the flesh eaten off his corpse. The last panel is an over head shot of the entire park. The birds are in the sky flying away having left the corpses (devoid of flesh) of their victims behind...


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