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Back To The Light – A Casual Guide To The Music Of Queen's Brian May (Foreign Editions)

Brian May Final Front Cover


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Brian May Final Czech Front Cover

Zpet ke světlu. Brian May – neúplný průvodce jeho hudbou

Book Details:

Volvox Globator, Hardback; 2015. ISBN: 978-80-7511-203-3

Brian May is undoubtedly one of rock music’s greatest and best-known guitarists. Regularly appearing in ‘The World’s Greatest Guitarists’ polls and such, Brian May is a living legend and an icon to musicians of all ages. As a member of Queen, he is a household name and his innovative signature guitar riffs are world famous. Some of his most recognised songs for Queen include ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ and ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’. But there is more to this fiercely talented and intelligent man than Queen. He is a passionate activist and animal welfare charity enthusiast, an avid and popular blogger as well as an author and holds a PhD in Astrophysics.

Back To The Light, however, charts his musical career outside of Queen from the pre Queen band Smile to the Brian May Band in the 1990s and his two solo albums Back To The Light and Another World as well as his soundtrack compositions and many musical collaborations as a guitarist, producer and songwriter.

From the author of books on AC/DC, UFO, ZZ Top and Bon Jovi, Back To The Light celebrates May’s musical legacy and offers titbits of information and trivia about his career as well as a biography, discographies, a timeline, reviews and tributes from leading musicians and music writers. There are also previously unseen live photographs of the rock icon.

Back To The Light is essential reading for Brian May and Queen fans.

160 Pages

Translator: Johana Martinová



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